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3226 North Miller Road #4
Scottsdale, AZ, 85251
United States


The perfect combo of therapeutic and relaxation massage. Worked out soreness in my shoulders and leg... and was shocked to find that I had much more movement the next day in yoga class! I zoned out and fell into deep rest for most of the 90 minutes... woke refreshed and energized... and felt calmer the rest of the day! Had to buy a massage package before I left, so I could treat myself several more times!

-Lin Sue Cooney


My brother raves about Hope and gets the kind of deep tissue massage that would make me cry. But I came to Hope for a 60 minute massage for relaxation. She was able to walk my fine line between pleasant relaxation and beneficial therapy. Because every person is so different, that is a skill that takes sensitivity and experience to develop. She could have just given me a relaxing massage, on autopilot, but she put great effort into making sure I got the most benefit possible. Booking again now!

-Christina S


Hope is incredible and the experience was absolutely heavenly. I was so relaxed and really felt why I hadn't been to see her in a while . . . now I am scheduling every month. Thank you, Hope! Telling my network of friends all about what a great massage I had so they, too, can experience heaven!



Hope has all the equipment to accommodate a pregnancy massage! Plus, great knowledge to make it a fantastic experience. I have also had a non-pregnancy massage with her and it was also a great experience. I appreciate that she has a holistic approach and always gives suggestions for what I can be doing at home to help with problem areas.

-Erin S


I have experienced some fairly intense sciatic nerve pain and have been doing Physical Therapy. Hope has been a great partner and strategic part of my healing. I am currently pain free. Hope has worked with me and my PT to target areas that needed to be relaxed and released and my experience has been great. Hope is very much the professional and is good at her job. I would highly recommend Hope Does for any of your massage needs.